Wednesday, December 13

Hell Kitchen of Ron Stutzman

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Stutzman, a front-runner coming into Saturday’s caucus, captured 180 of the 406 votes after the first ballot. The early large total almost guaranteed his second-ballot victory, which came when he gained 49 more votes.

In his victory speech, Stutzman thanked his supporters and encouraged the 3rd District to stay together through Nov. 2, taking a minor jab at the Speaker of the House in the process.
“We need to work together,” Stutzman said. “We cannot let Nancy Pelosi pick off the 3rd District. It’s going to take everybody in this room to get this job done.”

RON STUTZMAN: Ron Stutzman Hell’s Kitchen was good by the Hell’s Kitchen on its distributed this evening. Ron Stutzman is the technological manager of Hells Kitchen from 2006 up to 2010.
Ron Stutzman is extremely credited for being the technological director and supervisor of Hells Kitchen until this year. Hell’s Kitchen was named for Art Direction in 2008 and 2009 along with other primetime nominating speeches in the Emmy’s under Ron Stutzman Hells Kitchen stint.
The instalment of Hell’s Kitchen tonight complete with “In Loving Memory of Ron Stutzman”.
Also, Ramsay won the Astra Award for Hells Kitchen in 2008 and 2009, under Ron Stutzman supervision. Ron Stutzman Hells Kitchen stint also won production design excellence honor upon it nominating address in 2007.


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