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Tips to Utilize The Benefits of Rss Feeds?

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Create a blog and use syndication to raise your online visibility. You have probably seen the initials RSS all over the internet – they stand for Really Simple Syndication, so what does that actually mean?

Well, a good way to describe this is to think of the how the news services can constantly update their news messages to keep us all informed of events going on all over the world.

It used to be really complicated to create a blog and benefit from the powerful RSS feeds pushing out the new information constantly – but not any more.

It is now easier than ever to build a blog and find yourself a little corner of the Internet where you can share your views and even make money online. By creating a blog you are making it easy for your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed, where they can receive your updates through a special ‘reader’ and not by email, which is becoming increasingly more difficult to ensure deliverability, mainly due to the high percentage of spam cluttering up all our in-boxes nowadays.

But a word of caution if you are creating a blog for your business, you should be aware that the free blogging platforms do not usually permit commercial usage, which means you cannot advertise products or services or monetize your blog.

Alternatively, the ‘open-source’ blogging platforms are great if you are already computer savvy, but as they offer no hand-holding central support system for beginners or newcomers, you may be challenged if you find yourself stuck with HTML or PHP coding problems.

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