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How to Beat Morty in Pokemon Heartgold And Soulsilver

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How to beat Morty in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Gastly | lv 21 | Ghost/Poison
Haunter | lv 21 | Ghost/Poison
Haunter | lv 23 | Ghost/Poison
Gengar | lv 25 | Ghost/Poison

This gym is themed around Ghost Pokémon. Morty’s Pokémon are all from the same evolution line, and are all Ghost/Poison Pokémon. Ground attacks won’t work though, because all of them have Levitate, which prevents them from being hit by Ground. That means there are three other weaknesses, Ghost, Dark and Psychic. Psychic attacks are great against Poison, but Ghost attacks annihilate Psychic Pokémon. Ghost hit each other for super effective damage. Dark is the best type for this, but Steel Pokémon work too because of their resistance. If you have either one of those, don’t hesitate to use it.

His first Pokémon is Gastly. It is his weakest Pokémon and should be brought down quite easily. Any strong non-Normal/Fighting attack can take it down in one or two hits, especially if it uses Curse. Use your weaker Pokémon against it.

Haunter is his second Pokémon, and the evolved form of Gastly. The Haunter employs a Dream Eater + Nightmare tactic. It tries to sleep your Pokémon with Hypnosis first and proceeds by using Dream Eater and Nightmare. This battle shouldn’t be too hard either. You can use Awakenings if you want to, but Hypnosis has quite a low chance to hit, so capitalize on that. His defences aren’t too great either, so strong attacks take him easily down.

There comes Gengar, the strongest Pokémon in his team. He has Shadow Ball, a strong Ghost move what does terrific damage to your Pokémon. He also has Hypnosis, the sleep move. Sucker Punch is a priority move what lets him attack first when the opponent uses an offensive move. Gengar is hard. Normal Pokémon are immune to Ghost attacks, but if you send one out for battle, be sure it has an offensive move what can actually hit Gengar. Try to keep your Pokémon awake or try to status Gengar on your own. His defence is weaker than his special defence, so try to focus on the part. Special attacks do hurt though. Beware for Sucker Punch, it can kill you at crucial moments.

His last Pokémon is his second Haunter. This Haunter is much weaker than his Gengar. His Haunter has no Shadow Ball, but he does have Sucker Punch. Not much strategy is needed here, use your remaining Pokémon to finish if off.

Good luck!


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