Friday, December 15

The Life of a Single Parent

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Why do we have single parents?

I have seen a lot of people who are single moms and single dads or the single parent. Then, it made me asked myself why is it so common at this very moment?

Our society is greatly changing its face. People really change in accordance with what the society is expecting from them. 

I believed that being a single parent is never easy. As a single mom or dad you are left with the responsibility of raising your kid alone. You need to support your kid’s needs and even your personal needs. How are you going to do that?It’s only good if you are a working mom or dad but how about if you are a student or unemployed?

My brother is a single dad. The baby is with him and my parents are taking care of her. Why? Simple. My brother is still in the university and the worst thing is, he is suffering from a congenital heart disease. It’s not anymore his responsibility but the responsibility of all the family members. 

I saw that my brother has changed a lot. He became responsible in providing the needs of the baby but the sad part is, seeing him sacrifice his needs above the needs of his little angel.He needs to buy some important requirement in school or even have the desire to buy himself a shirt, a pair of shoes or even a pair of slipper but he has to forget his desire because he has to buy his baby’s diapers and milk.

Sometimes, being a single parent is okay for some especially if the relationship with the partner isn’t going to thrive but on the other hand, it’s quite tough because you are left with the responsibility unless your partner will help you raise the kid. 

Thus, personally , I came to realize that we should not really do something we’re not ready of the consequences. Let’s all be responsible. I think it’s about time that we should realize that life isn’t all about joy…


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