Monday, December 11

Adding Audio to Your Blog Content Can Pull Targeted Visitors

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Create a blog, then connect with your target audience by adding audio, and you will start to get yourself noticed on the blogosphere. Many bloggers have still not tapped into the wonderful world of audio yet, and they are missing a golden opportunity.

Imagine if you could actually connect with your visitor on a one-to-one basis? Well, that is exactly what you are doing by adding audio when you create a blog. You may be connecting with hundreds, even thousands of your visitors – but each person listening is doing so as if you are speaking to them personally. With this in mind, you should deliver your audio session as if you are chatting to a friend sitting across your kitchen table to really be effective.

One of the best ways to get started with audio is to download a free open source program called Audacity and start practicing and discussing topics and areas of interest to you and your visitors.

The sessions don’t have to be long and you can start with just 5-minutes – or a quick ‘Tip of the Week’ to get you used to the sound of your own voice.

Eventually, you could move on to deliver a 15-minute podcast and address some of the issues your visitors have – or better still – ask them to send in questions for you to answer during a Q&A session once a week.

People really do appreciate being treated like individuals, and not just part of a herd and creating a blog with audio is a perfect way to do this.

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