Thursday, December 14

Khot Cake, a Traditional Vietnamese Food

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Khot cake is a traditional Vietnamese food. Have you ever hear about this kind of traditional cake? If you live in Vietnam, you will see it easily be cause this is a very popular food.

It look like a small yellow rolled egg but it definitely make by rice powder and coconut milk. Somtime you can find out some beam in the cakes and even some shrimps. You try it with fresh Asian vegetable and a mixed sauce of Vietnamese fish sauce and lemon. It really nice taste! The greasy taste of coconut milk, a little sour taste of the sauce, and especially the smell and strange taste of the Asian vegetable, they will give you a fantastic experience when you try it.

Vietnamese cook Khot cake in a special pan that have six or seven hole to put the liquid in and cook untill the liquid become cakes. It look pretty interesting when they cook Khot cake.

There are two style of Khot cakes, the Western of Vietnam style and the Vung Tau style (Vung Tau is a small beach city). I myself love the Western style rather than the Vung Tau style, because it pretty greasier, although the VungTau style will have more meat, more beam but I like the greasy taste of coconut milk.

If you go to Vietnam, let’s try it once. There are several tradional food in Vietnam, some of them are really more interesting and nice tasting than Khot cake. Khot cake is not the best but worth to try once.

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