Friday, December 15

Weight Loss in Woman And Seniors

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        Many people wonder whether it is necessary to play sports or exercise to lose weight.. The answer to this question is not the same for everybody, but most people will be that if they want to lose weight permanently, they may have to move.In people with little movement is relatively little energy use by muscle.The  excess energy is usually converted into fat.  To reduce the excess energy you choose to go diets (eat less), or you can move around more. The big problem with diets is that the pounds are soon arrive when the diet is stopped, the so-called yo-yo effect . Precisely because this yoyo effect is not recommended if you continue to diet to lose fat.

        Tips to increase physical activity:

 walk.or  Grab your  bike, Take the stairs instead of the elevator, Do some housekeeping in the house, go outside in the garden or at work ,Wash your own car, Walk to work alongside your colleagues instead of calling or emailing. The same goes for family and friends, going along instead to call them! You’re far behind the PC? Take an active stance instead of sagging, thus you train the muscles of your back and you look at the same time more active and confident than when you hang,  Go dancing, this may well be at home on your favorite music, or in the pub with friends.

        It promotes fitness because muscles grow. This makes you feel fit and less fatigue.Through physical activity run faster and waste that is good for health.Physical activity reduces stress, tension and depression.If you taste once you  tackle  you faster than ever to get your target weight.

        Which sports are suitable to lose weight? Sports can be divided into cardio (running, cycling etc.) and strength (especially muscle training). It is best if you’re going to exercise, both cardio and strength training to do. Go at a time 30 minutes to an hour workout and try to be as faithful as possible preferably 3, 4 or 5 times a week to train briefly once or twice a week. To answer the above question, any sport where you need physical effort (not chess) is designed to contribute to permanent weight loss.

        Tips for sports and exercise The most important, avoid injuries! Always warm up and use good material during exercise (shoes)! Eating just before exercise too much. Take a donut, or crunch muesli bar or a slice of gingerbread. It is good to about two hours before training a meal rich in carbohydrates and little fat. Think of a bowl of porridge or a light dinner, consisting of a few potatoes, some vegetables and a piece of lean meat. Take no food during physical exertion, but water or isotonic drinks thirst quenchers as yellow AA, Lemon Extran of Aquarius. If after having read all the above, not sure which sport to play for you, try at least a half hour each day to light exercise and go out eat healthier and eat less . Success! 


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