Monday, December 18

The Benefits of Honesty in The Workplace

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When you have an honesty based business management structure and organization it saves immense time and money because there is not a monkey wrench always creating a jam in productivity by surprise facts that were purposely hidden. When regular problems and challenges do come up as they always do, you don’t have to do extra damage control because of some underhanded activities and that way you have the resources to handle the surprises with more ease and calm. It is like the saying goes, “it is better to be honest, because you don’t have to lose energy keeping track of all your lies”. Let’s face it, we are already busy enough without adding on more layers to our existence that we don’t need. 

In an honest work environment each employee, manager, vendor, etc. can “trust” that what you say is going to happen or that an action you are doing is at face value a good and true statement because of past performance and open lines of communication. If you say you will email them back, you will follow up, etc. it will be understood that yes, this will happen as you say it will. You can always tell a dishonest business arrangement when every discussion is hush-hush and there is lots of whispering and you get a feeling that the transaction involves a lot of smoke and mirrors deception. This could be found back in the day when used car salesmen would always pull you aside like you were really being told about some great deal that no one else could get; and yet we all know that it was usually a sham. 

The best thing about honesty in the workplace is the time savings it represents. When you tell your boss that you have the report done for the meeting and it really isn’t done; you have to work overtime trying to cover your tracks and this can put something else out of whack on your schedule so you never quite can get caught up. The same goes with any product that is a sham, the business may make a quick buck off of the shoddy product; but they suffer in the long run because they could have been more successful had they done the right thing from the beginning. 

It can sometimes be hard to get a one size fits all opinion on what being honest is and that is not really at issue here because we all have a clue as to when we are going outside our own true boundaries of an honest transaction and decency, etc. All of us have told our little white lies and sometimes we regret them and other times we feel we “got away with one”, but we should aim at our highest integrity because when we don’t it creates more problems than we need on our plates.


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