Monday, December 11

The Value of Original Thought

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Have you ever been working on a computer and subconsciously made the mistake of thinking it can read your mind? There have been moments where I have done this and have truly sat and waited for a result even though I hadn’t typed the correct search information in yet or pressed the correct key to get the program to do what I am thinking about in my head. It is in those moments when we realize how much of our lives are programmed and how much of our lives are of our own thinking. 

We do rely heavily on outside influences to “feed us our daily bread in our head” and it is often surprising to everyone when we are then required to come up with our own answers and we then feebly remember how dependent we have become on the external data and entertainment. It has always been a contention between every generation gap of “thinking for yourself” don’t just let the entertainers and machines do your thinking; and yet we as a human race have learned how to progress enough to build a wheel or make fire and then we were able to build a machine that will build our wheels or make a fire for us. 

Thoughts usually involve feelings, we think therefore we are. If you cannot think for yourself or discern your reality measurements; your existence is a very shallow one and the world can be seen very black and white or grey. Because it really is how we interpret our experiences that make up our personalities and our life’s attitudes. No two individuals are the same; even when you have two identical twins they can think and experience life on their own terms and through their own looking glasses apart from each other. 

The problem with the fast paced lives we are living is that it becomes too reactionary to have a lot of original thinking and living after awhile. We as individuals have to make time and do mind and attitude exercises that require us to keep our originality intact. Otherwise it is like any muscle or machine; when not used it will fade into oblivion. So it is imperative to include in your life’s workouts a workout of how you are thinking, living and being and where you want to go from here.


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