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Patriotic Silverware Holder

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Summer is here and it brings with it camping, picnics and patriotic holidays. Now you can tie them all together with a little creative abilities. A patriotic silverware holder can both decorate your table and be very helpful. This simple table top decoration has places to hold all your silverware, napkins and more. Best of all the supplies are very cheap and this requires very little crafting abilities to make. Just a little bit of work and you can have a cute and functional table top decoration.

You will need: Tubes, at least three cardboard or wood Sturdy wooden base, rectangular or square in shape 1 sheet construction paper, white Paints and brushes (red, white and blue paints) Glue To make this very affordable and easy your tubes can simply be tubes from paper towel rolls or wrapping paper tubes cut into smaller lengths. The length you will need is approximately 4 inches tall. You can also obtain more sturdy tubes of stronger material at home improvement stores. If you use more sturdy materials you will not need the construction paper. We will assume that you are using more simple materials for this how to. With your tubes cut to the needed length start by cutting a piece of construction paper that will cover one end of each tube and fold up the sides.

On each of your tubes securely glue a piece of construction paper to one end. Be sure that on the sides of your tubes the construction paper is glued completely down, this means a small bit of glue on each flap created by the round tube. Once glued and dried begin painting your tubes. The tops of your tubes (opposite ends from the construction paper) can be painted with a thick blue horizontal line. Running vertical from the blue line paint red and white stripes. Once the blue is dried you can paint white stars or star bursts on if you choose. When painting the red and white stripes continue your paint down over the construction paper, this will mostly hide your paper but that is fine. As for your base you can paint this just like an American flag or simply with red and white stripes.

Once everything is dried you will need your glue again. Place glue on the bottom of your tubes, the area that is mostly construction paper, and position the tubes on either side of the base. Two tubes on one side and one on the opposite side. These will be the holders for your silverware, place the silverware in handle first to allow for the most amount of room. The space between these tubes will be where your napkins will fit. If you would like to have a place just for your salt and pepper shakers you can create two smaller tubes by cutting one regular tube in half and preparing just like the previous tubes.

Attach these smaller tubes on either side of your lone tube and you now have and table top decoration that holds all the silverware, napkins and salt and pepper for your table. Memorial day, Flag day, Independence Day, or Labor day, camping trips, bar-b-q’s, or parties are all wonderful times to bring out your Patriotic silverware holder and hear about how great a job you did on such a cute and functional table top decoration.

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