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Ceiling That You Want

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Suspended ceilings are a popular solution for residential and commercial interiors. They are characterized by relative easy installation, affordable price (compared to the reconstruction of the roof), extensive cosmetic features and functionality.

Suspended ceilings can be made of several kinds of materials or products, depending on your desires and budget investments.

In the world there are several well-known companies, which base their production only on the development of solutions to the ceilings.

Benefits of suspended ceilings

Easy installation – skilled craftsman can set your new suspended ceiling in a very short time. He is going to placed panels below your previous ceiling, at so called substructure.

Affordable price – you may save your money in certain situations, especially when the ceiling is used as a “mask” for the ceiling. For example, if you want to give the final touch to your interior decor without any investment in the reconstruction of the ceiling or roof. Thus it is very helpful with the following constructions:

  • Concrete ceilings in the old monolithic construction (apartment with high ceilings, old houses)

  • Ceilings of mud / plaster and reed

  • Ceiling of wooden beams

  • Attic space …

Aesthetic features – it’s like a magic stick-a flat concrete roof with a little help of subtracted ceiling you can transform into any shape.

The most popular feature of suspended ceilings is certainly a game with the illumination (artificial and natural). Further more, these ceilings are very popular in hiding installation: they will hide the cables of lighting and acoustics, ventilation ducts, water heater in the bathroom…

Contribution to comfort and functionality – in addition, there are more important usages of suspended ceilings. Therefore, they are used for better transmission of natural light into the all parts of the room. However, they have a significant role in the areas, which have high demand for acoustic functionality, such as concert and movie theaters, schools, hospitals etc.

Fire characteristics – Safety is a very important issue in the construction industry, and therefore the ceilings must have all required certificates of flame resistance.

Repair and reconstruction of the interior – ceilings are easy to set up and remove, which is a big advantage in repairing, reconstruction or installation.


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