Friday, December 15

The Best Place to Hide

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So your in a house ,office or maybe even outside you happen to look behind you or out the window and there you see is a dirty twirl heading towards you what do you do ? Well hide of course.The best place to hide in a house is the 1. basement .The fact that a roof may blow off leads to a safe underground place.Being the basement. 2. The bathroom.At most cases most bathrooms have no windows so is probably a safe place to hide. 3. The closet is the last safest place to hide being that there are no windows in any normal sized closet.The office is another story being that there are usually windows everywhere so in most cases the bathrooms are the first and last safest place .Now if your outside you might think “Oh I’m dead” but if there is a bridge by you there is hope.Run as fast as you can. Get way up high under the bridge and hide there.The reason why is simply that tornadoes can’t run through bridges.Those are most,I’m sure there is more probably.But those are the most common and that really are safe .So next time your stuck in a tornado situation now you know what to do weather inside or outside you will be safe.Thanks for reading this and have a great day,afternoon,night.


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