Wednesday, December 13

Home Surveillance For Your Computer

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Today we have lots of computer surveillance software’s in the market which helps us in monitoring each and every activity on our computer by any user. The basic features provided by them are key stroke recording – this will record all the key strokes pressed on computer, chat recordings, website recordings etc.

This computer surveillance software’s helps you to protect your kids from any unwanted activities on the internet. It also provides facebook and MySpace activity recording feature which helps in monitoring all the chats and messages by your kids and their friends on these sites. This computer monitoring software provides actual email recording feature, using that you can record all the email conversations of your kids as well as your spouse, the best way to keep an eye on your loved once. Just add an online search recording and you will get to know all the things that they are trying to search on different search engines like Google, AOL, MSN etc. You can also register for TOP 10 summary reports which will help you in showing the quick look of the activities on your computer daily, weekly and monthly.

These computer surveillance software’s provide real time actions, you will get notified within seconds through email if someone is using your computer in your absence. This software is helpful for employers also to keep track on the activities of the employees, just find what your workers are doing during the office hours. It will improve their performance and company growth as well. There are many computer surveillance software’s are present in the market today, which will help you monitoring your computer’s daily activities. You just need to go for the best suitable option. Have it today and protect your family from any unwanted activity online.

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