Sunday, December 17

How to Make a Hanging Tomato Planter

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To make your own hanging tomato planter, you will need the following:

*  Clean 5 gallon bucket with metal handle and lid
*  Drill with large bit
*  Tomato seedling
*  Spaghnum moss
*  Potting soil

STEP 1:  Drill a hole about 2 to 3 inches in diameter in the bottom of the bucket, as close to the center of the bottom as possible.

STEP 2:  Place the tomato plant seedling in the hole with the roots inside the bucket and the leaves hanging out of the bottom of the bucket.  Hold the seedling in place while filling around the roots and hole with spaghnum moss.  The moss will help prevent soil loss when the plant is watered.

STEP 3:  Hold the seedling while covering the moss and roots with potting soil.  Once the roots are covered, go ahead and let the plant go.  Fill the bucket with potting soil to about three-quarters of the way full.

STEP 4:  Hang your tomato bucket by the metal handle.  Water it well.  Hang the planter in full sun.  Keep the bucket lid on to retain moisture.  Remember to water regularly. 

Tomato plants love the sun and will produce well in the hanging planters.  You will encounter less pests and disease on your plants by utilizing this planting method.

Happy Gardening!


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