Tuesday, December 12

Safe Surfing For Kids

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Now a days the widely available content on the web is pornography, it’s readily available for anybody who is online, whether adults, teens or the kids. In America itself there are more than 35 million people who are sexually affected with the porn on the internet. In this scenario it’s the responsibility of the adults or parents to save their children, to block the access of these sites by the kids. These pornographic contents, videos or images creates very serious consequences at the mind of young children and even change their way to look at the relationships.

You need some parental software which will block the access of these adult sites from your kids. There is a large number of different porn blocker software available in the market, one of the effective and widely used is MyPornBlocker.

The main features of MyPornBlocker are –

  1. This software helps in blocking the adult content before they appear on the screen. While surfing internet you will get many pop ups displaying porn images and the links to the videos and other contents, this software will help you blocking all those pop ups also.

  2. One of its effective protection technique is it doesn’t allow the porn content in the search engine itself, so even if someone uses any search engine for getting porn material this will block your computer to search for those kind of harmful materials. Integrated with various search engines.

  3. It has very intelligent feature of keyword filtering.

  4. Password protection, this feature ensures that no one else can bypass the firewall without your knowledge.

  5. Installation of this software is very easy, you can use it easily.

So protect your kids today by installing MyPornBlocker, and save them from   pornographic data available on internet and secure their future.

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