Friday, December 15

Tips in Avoiding PC Virus

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Nowadays computer viruses have tripled over time. If you are a person that love to use the computer and surf the net if your computer can access the internet, but hate the annoying effect of computer viruses then this article is for you. Below I will be giving tips so that you can avoid the attack of viruses in your computer.

Tip no. 1 : Installation

Upon the installation of the Operating System it is very vital for you, if you want to avoid viruses of course, to disabled or kill the autorun before you install other software or if you had installed your Operating System already it is also advisable to disable your autorun feature. Note that there so many ways to do this, there is lots of tutorial available in the net to teach you how to do it, here is one click here.

Tip no. 2 : Opening your files

When you open your files make it a habit that you open a folder where you place your files in the tree in the left of your explorer. This is to avoid clicking a virus that disguised as a folder and also to avoid a script like virus that depend on the autorun feature of you PC(if you don’t disable your autorun). If you did not get what I mean, try to open you’re my Computer Icon on the desktop and when you see dialog box or the interface of your explorer click the EXPLORE button next to the SEARCH button. You can achieve this also by pressing the windows’ icon plus the E letter on your keyboard.

Tip no. 3 : Software

Lastly, using anti-virus software is the handiest thing. There lots of good anti-virus software for you in the market. Of course if you buy it then the best protection you can get from it but a free anti-virus can do but has limitation. Also it is strongly advice that you regularly update your antivirus perhaps your anti-virus will not be effective. And also you can use Faronics’ defreeze software but it has a disadvantage though.

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