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How Important to Clean The Computer’s Registry

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The computer registry is a database that stores and manages windows settings and options. It is a database for all hardware and software installed into the computer. It keeps track of configurations, system settings, user preferences, file associations, system policies and the relationship between hardware software and your operating system. It is the most vital and vulnerable part of your computer. So, you would like to keep it clean and junk free.

      Following shows the importance of cleaning computer’s registry-

  • A clean registry keeps your computer fast and well performed.

  • Whenever you install something new in your PC, new registry entries are created. Most of them are deleted when the software is deleted. But, there are some entries that still remain in the registry and points towards softwares which even do not exist. Over the time, these entries create junks in the registry. As a result, your computer needs more time to access the registry and it slows down. So, to keep your computer fast, you have to remove those useless entries regularly.

  • It reduces system crashes and error pop up messages.

  • It keeps your registry database as up-to-date as possible.

  • If you do not keep your registry clean, some program may not run as per the expectation   or it may not run at all.

  • If you do not clean your registry regularly, some problems might arise which can only be cured by re-installing the operating system thereby loosing some of your important files.

  • When you download anything from the internet, there are chances to get spyware. Spyware can take partial control of your computer, redirect your browser, capture personal information as you browse, install unwanted software like viruses to your computer. To avoid this, cleaning is necessary.

Computer’s registry can be cleaned in 2 ways-

  • Manually

  • By using registry cleaning software.

      Using software is a better option as while cleaning manually you might delete some entries which your computer still needs and once an entry is removed, it cannot be recovered.  

      Whatever method is used, it is suggested to make a back-up of the registry.

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