Saturday, December 16

Important Tips on Self Computer Repair

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When something wrong goes with your computer then the first thing everyone does is a call to the technician guy, but have you ever thought that you can repair your laptop or computer and can save lots of money on it, and even you will be assured that quality work is done with your laptop or computer. Many problems can be avoided or fixed by following any of these 5 steps –

  1. Rebooting – Most of the issues are solved once you reboot your system or the printer or any hardware associated with it.

  2. Timely update your software – This software updates is very helpful in solving any security problems and even they help in fixing the software bugs and increase the system performance. Regularly visit the websites of the software venders for the latest update patch for the software you are using. Always check updates on windows updates as well as Microsoft office updates for the latest updates of Microsoft office and windows.

  3. Clean your equipment regularly – Sometimes dust and dirt causes big distractions. Always keep your computer fan clean so that it will keep your computer cool and avoid any unnecessary damage to your system as the failure of any expensive part.

  4. Connection checking – Whenever you see any of your external device stopped working suddenly like mouse, printer, monitor etc then first check all your connections. The best way to do this is restart your machine and plug and unplug all the external connections one by one.

  5. Data Backup – This is the best practice everyone should follow to protect their data from any damage. Always create a back up copy of all your important data, images, and text files and protect them from not only viruses but also from the other disasters like floods or fire.

I am sure following these steps can help you in repairing your own system.

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