Wednesday, December 13

Lena's Story Part 3

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Derek was thankful that they were rich and plowed their driveway. It had snowed since the last time he’d been here and the crunching of his footsteps would have sounded extremely loud in the silence. Even the paths that lead to the backyard had been shoveled. He followed the small walkway around the house.

They had a hot tub on the ground floor deck next to the patio furniture. Trees crowded the boarder of the yard as if they could barely be kept at bay. It looked like the fish pond froze over since the fountain wasn’t pouring new water in.

Derek looked up and decided it was his lucky day when Lena’s room was the very last on the end and a tree twisted its way toward her small balcony. He was sure it was her room because the other balcony was larger. From what he gathered of her father, he wouldn’t tolerate her having a bigger or better room and that included the balcony.

As quietly as he could manage he scurried up the old tree and swung a leg over the railing. Derek though he could make out faint foot prints from before their last snow fall. He smiled thinking Lena snuck out this way and he was sneaking in. The blinds weren’t closed so he could see into her bedroom. He couldn’t see much since it was dark inside but he got the impression that it was very tidy.

He tugged at the sliding door and said a silent thank you when it slid open easily. Derek shook off the snow of his boots before entering. The first thing he noticed was the smell. The two times he’d been with Lena she smelt like snow and the cold but now he got his first real sniff of her; a light fragrance that could have been the air if it hadn’t been slightly sweeter and much darker.

“What are you doing?” Lena asked him.

“Holy shit you scared me!” He just about jumped out of his skin; instead he closed the door behind him, abruptly cutting off the cold air that was rushing in.

Derek squinted into the dark but couldn’t make out Lena outline. He wandered over to the bed and found her lying on top of the blankets; she didn’t bother to move.

“I thought you’d be asleep,” he confessed running a hand through his hair.


“Would you stop staring at the ceiling?” he demanded. He didn’t sneak out of his house and into hers for nothing, and she wouldn’t even look at him.

“Sorry I’m very busy,” she said in her normal tone.

“Sorry I didn’t –

Lena gave an uncharacteristic giggle and sat up. He actually believed her for a second. He looked dumbfounded looked between her and the door. “Maybe I shouldn’t have come,” he muttered. “I’m losing my mind.”

“Why did you come?” she asked as she braided her hair. She was wearing draw string pants and a tank top and it distracted Derek greatly.

“Uh, I wanted to see you, and make sure you were alright.”

The amusement left her eyes. “They wouldn’t hurt me,” she said.

“Maybe not. Anyway I didn’t come to fight with you,” he said and planted both hands on the bed so his face was inches away from Lena’s.

“You came to seduce me in my own bedroom?”

“Thinking about it,” he smiled.


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