Monday, December 11

Accessories For an Xbox 360

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Here is a list of accessories you need or should get for an xbox 360. Also, these are great gift ideas.

1. Rechargeable battery packs- they save money and batteries. Instead of switching batteries all the time have one pack charging and another one in use.

2. X11 Turtle beach headset- Instead of blasting the TV you can hear the game better with these on.

3. Intercooler- prevent your xbox 360 from overheating and geting the “ Red Ring of Death “.

4. Netflix subscription- watch movies on your xbox 360 instantly.

5. 1600 Microsoft points card- good for buying arcade games and add-ons.

6. Memory cards- good for switching things from xbox to xbox.

7. 250 GB hardrive- upgrade to allow more room for download space

8. Wireless networking adapter- play xbox live any where in your house without a cord going to your modem.

9. Chatpad- good for sending messages without taking for ever to scroll through the letters.

10. Wireless controller- you may already have one but it is good to have more on hand for friends to play

Those are some good ideas for gifts or just to go and by for yourself. If you have any more just leave a comment. So go out and buy theses if you play xbox alot


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