Wednesday, December 13

Best Free Antivirus And Antimaleware Applications

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All over the internet you see ads for antivirus software. Many are free, and contrry to most popular belief, some of the free ones are the best ones! I have been using free antivaral and antimaleware applications since my first few pcs, all of which i built myself. Now with my first computer i payed a fortune for security suites by Norton, McAfee, and many others, and i still had to deal with viruses, spyware and maleware. After paying for many licenses and discs for security that still eluded me, i sought answers from my good friend, the internet. In my travels in cyberspace i found a few really nice programs that were absolutely free. Here they are…

An excellent preventative program i found is Avast! Antivirus. You can get it for free from Cnet, and you get a free 14 month license. After that, simply download it again! Avast! is a series of shields, if you navigate to known source of maleware, you get a warning, you accidently download a virus, you get a warning, and it gets deleted. It updates automatically, and again, ITS FREE!!!

Next up is a program for scanning your pc, its called malewarebytes. As with other programs, theres a paid version, but the free version is missing only automatic updates, and you can update it manually by simply hitting the update button. This scans for spyware, viruses, trojans, all kinds of maleware under the sun! The best part, ITS FREE!

I have heard really good things about AVG antivirus, but i know little to nothing about it. Now I’ve been told it was better than Avast! because Avast! is a “memory hog”, as a fellow student in my Database Security class put it, but if you have a decent pc, that wont be a problem. AVG, from what i’ve heard is excellent, and if you want, give it a try, but I stick by avast!, i havent had a virus since i started using it 3 years ago!

Finally, theres CCleaner, also available on Cnet. It cleans your browser caches with one tool, and fixes errors and problems in your registry with another.

Now another thing i strongly suggest is to NEVER use Internet Explorer, well correction use it once, to get Mozilla Firefox, available at or on Cnet. It is much more secure than IE, and you are less likely to get viruses on it. One drawback is that sometimes it has issues displaying Myspace pages, but rarely. But security over convinience, thats my rule.

One final bit of advice is not to use limewire, thats like crawling into the sewer with an open cut, you’re going to get a virus.

Well i hope that helps you keep your computer safe, your information, and your data are your prized posessiions, remember that,


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