Tuesday, December 12

I'm Back Again!!

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So, it’s 101 degrees here in Illinois right now.  The only room I have that I can keep really cool is the living room and my computer is here in the bed room.  It’s the only room with a new window air unit.  My other air conditioners are older and I guess they either need cleaned out or they are low on freon.

Anyway, I just got back from a trip to Wally World and the air in my car doesn’t work.  It’s so nice  and cool in there.  I had to go pick up some dinner.  I got stuff for hamburgers. 

I received my CVS gift card from Gather two days ago and I’ve yet to get to spend it.  I really don’t think I can take the heat for the fifteen minutes it takes to get there.  However, they are having a sale on toilet paper that I want to get in on this week.

My daughter doesn’t even want to go out or walk anywhere so I am playing choffur to at least two tweens everytime I go out for any reason.  She has yet to not come up with somewhere she just needs to go as soon as I leave the house.  Oh well, I guess that’s what moms are for.

I’m hoping to post at least one more post today.  My mind has been going pretty fast for awhile now and I’m very sorry if I’m all over the place with this and the last few posts. 


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