Friday, December 15

No Need to Clean Install: How to Fix Your "broken" Pc!

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Ever get a virus that renders your PC all but useless? Wont let you access the task manager, the command prompt, and when you scan with an antivirus or anti spyware program it says “Access Denied” when you hit delete or fix? Well dont take it to geek squad or delete everything with a clean install, fix it like this…

First step is to get to another pc and download two programs available for free from cnet. These programs are CCleaner, and Malewarebytes. Get these with a different pc, and put the .exe files on a disc or flash drive. You may be able to download them in safe mode w/ networking on the broken PC, but its just for safety’s sake I suggest getting them from a clean PC, however, if you cant, just go into safe mode w/ networking.

Step 2 is to go into safe mode. To do this, simply start up the pc and tap f8 before the windows splash screen appears. If you cant get the timing, just tap it while it starts up. You will get the advenced boot screen, click safe mode, dont do it with networking unless you have to. If you couldn’t get the aformentioned applications (malewarebytes and ccleaner) on a different pc, go into safe mode with networking and download them.

Step 3 is easy Scan with the two applications, and fix/delete all problems. THis helped me a few times. In safe mode, most unneccesary programs are disabled, including anything that would stop you from deleting malicious files or apps. Now i always scan 3 times with each program. With ccleaner, scan both the registry and the drive. With malewarebytes, a quick scan usually works, but if you want do a full scan. That will take a LOT longer, but for safety’s sake…

Well i hope that helps, I hate seeing people ripped off by the Geek Squad, and i hate to see people lose their data needlessly.


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