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Acid Reflux (Heartburn) – Are You Eating The Wrong Food?

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Acid reflux (heartburn) is a condition of the esophagus and is commonly caused by eating the wrong food which can increase the levels of your body chemicals. The acid that would normally stay in your stomach, will rise to the throat and give an unpleasant burning feeling. I have often suffered from this after enjoying an evening out with my friends and eating all the fatty food and drinking too much alcohol. Acid Reflux (heartburn) does not only confine itself to grown ups, it could also affect anyone else in your family. This is why you should get to know the symptoms, and then you can put yourself in a position to prevent it.

Acid Reflux (heartburn) can be brought on by eating many different types of food, and quite often the food contains high levels of spices, fats, and even some fruits. Other ways that can bring it on are eating just before going to bed and by simply eating too much. So, the best way to prevent Acid Reflux (heartburn) would be to improve your eating habits.

Many people, who suffer from Acid Reflux (heartburn), often have a particular food that causes the feeling of burning acid in the throat, and this in itself is a good enough reason for you to keep your eye on what you are eating. Finding the particular food that is causing the problem is very important, partly because, the most likely time to get Acid Reflux (heartburn) is while you are sleeping, which can be a very unpleasant experience.

It was once thought that milk would relieve or cure Acid Reflux (heartburn) but that idea was soon dismissed, although some people might have had some temporary relief, the acid soon returned. So for those who are suffering from Acid Reflux (heartburn), it would be a good idea to eat less food at dinner time and at bedtime, just have a snack.

By incorporating food such as rice, bread and pasta into your meals, this will counteract the high level of acid in your stomach. Always take your time with your meals and eat meals at the dinner table, not sitting in the armchair watching TV. Try not to eat fatty meals (especially the food that contains high levels of saturated fats) in the evening, because it will almost certainly linger in the stomach, and therefore create excessive acid and cause Acid Reflux (heartburn).

Also, don’t forget, try to get into the habit of eating smaller meals, as this will discourage the stomach from producing too much acid. It has been suggested by food and nutrition experts that eating protein that is derived from plants will help balance the meat protein we eat. Also, some experts advise us to have a hearty and healthy breakfast early in the day, a decent size lunch, and a lighter meal for dinner.

Others have a different opinion, and they advise eating little and often, but I think they all agree that eating a lighter meal in the evening is more beneficial than a heavy one. If you do decide to have several smaller meals a day, there’s no need to go without. Just spread your usual three meals over the several small ones.

If you find you’re having problems controlling your own, or your family’s Acid Reflux (heartburn) and would like someone to help you with eating healthy and nutritious food, then it’s probably a good idea to take a trip to a nutritionist or dietician. These experts will give you a diet plan that will suit your own personal needs. I have personally suffered from heartburn on numerous occasions over the years but it really is my own fault, because I have usually over eaten or just had the wrong type of food late at night. When I eat sensibly I don’t get Acid Reflux (heartburn), so good luck and I hope you stay free of heartburn.   


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