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Dog Training – Teaching Your Dog The Correct Way

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Dog training can either be a very rewarding experience, or your dog might never trust you and will disregard your commands. The best way to teach your dog to behave in an acceptable manner is to start the training while he or she is very young, because, by teaching the dog as early as puppyhood you would make the task that much quicker and easier. By training your dog at this early stage in its development, would also improve the dogs chances of permanently remembering the tasks that it has been trained to do.

Also by doing this the dog will automatically behave in the correct way, similar to the way us humans do a lot of the time, where we do the day to day tasks on auto- pilot without even thinking about them. There are numerous ways to approach the subject of dog training, and a great deal of good advice has been written by dog training professionals. But, there are many dog owners who still insist on trying to teach their dog in a cruel and vicious way.

This method of dog training is not only ineffective but is also unacceptable. Train your dog in a kind way and you will get a lasting friendship and obedience in return. How your dog behaves and interacts with you before going out into the big wide world, is a good indicator as to how it will react to you and all of the outside influences, especially noise. If he or she has not been responding to your requests when you’re at home, why would the dog take any notice of you when you are both out walking, for instance? In the dog world there are much more interesting things to look at, including other dogs and bitches. 

Teaching your dog good behavior, could result in getting you a little bit annoyed and frustrated, but you must overcome these unhelpful feelings if you want to succeed in obtaining the obedience and trust from your dog. Do not lash out at your dog, verbally or physically, this will not promote a lasting relationship. From time to time, understandably, people succumb to the pressures of today’s stressful world and then take their anger out on their dog and other pets. Although the stress itself is understandable, taking it out on your dog or any pet is totally wrong, and this is not what dog training is all about.

So, don’t train your dog while you are in a bad mood, it won’t do either of you any good. Don’t forget to always praise and encourage your dog, not only when achievements have been made, but also, while in the process of learning. So, by giving your dog encouragement at the right times, will prevent the dog from becoming disorientated.

I hope the above paragraphs will give you some ideas on dog training and in particular, give he or she every chance of becoming a well behaved and loyal friend for many years to come.   


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