Friday, December 15

Top 8 Reasons Lebron James Should Stay In Cleveland (Things You Wouldn't Expect)

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The LeBron Sweepstakes officially begin on July 1st, 2010 but it is never too early to discuss what he should or shouldn’t do.  Here are the reasons Lebron James should stay in Cleveland, but they may not be the reasons you are used to hearing.

  1. Because they will have to change the name of the franchise from the Cleveland LeBrons back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  For seven seasons, LeBron has been the franchise and it has been nothing but financial success for the city.  If Cleveland has to go back to being the Cavaliers it will be devastating for the team, the city, and the league.
  2. The LeBron decorations. Whose picture is going to replace LeBron’s “We are all Witnesses” posters on the sides of so many buildings in Cleveland?  Varajao? Mo Williams? Z? … No, it just won’t work.  No one has that glorious open-armed look to the heavens like LeBron and no one wants to be a witness to Varajao’s flops, even Cleveland fans.  Although seeing Z up there would be kind of amusing…
  3. Because Cleveland is so likeable.  Think about it.  No one likes the frontrunner and New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago always seem to win things.  If LeBron goes to these cities, he will be roped into the karma of the rest of the city and no one will like him.  Cleveland is the classic underdog and he is just more popular being a part of its charm.
  4. His paycheck. He can be offered the largest salary in Cleveland.  People seem to like money and I think LeBron is no different.
  5. Other job openings.  There are openings in the front office and as head coach of the team.  This is a perfect opportunity to LeBron to step in as a player-coach (a la Jackie Moon for the Tropics) or even player-coach-GM.  This means three rings for the price of one Championship, which is a great way to make up for some lost time in his first seven seasons.
  6. The Cleveland Browns. He may even be able to make the squad for the Browns, earning him extra income and allowing him to better his legacy as a two-sport professional athlete.  LeBron has experience in high school as a football star and there is no doubt the Browns could use any help they can get.  Come to think of it, the Indians could use some help too… The possibilities are endless in Cleveland.
  7. There is already plenty of media in New York and L.A.  LeBron has been a virtual photographer for the Cavaliers for a while now who takes pregame pictures of his teammates.  It is likely he won’t be able to find this job in any other city, where photographers are lurking around every corner.
  8. The new jerseys.  It always is strange wearing a jersey for a new team after you have worn the same team’s jersey for so many years.  However, LeBron will have to say goodbye to the 19 different throw-back jerseys that the Cavaliers use regularly.  Avid LeBron fans won’t have the chance to buy LeBron home, away, alternate home, alternate away, light blue, light yellow, maroon, orange, black, blue, green, and magenta jerseys if he goes to the Knicks.  Think of how much money is lost there.

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