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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Written by Arthur Conan Doyle

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The adventures of Sherlock Holmes written by Arthur Conan Doyle, apart from the stories that were documented by Dr Watson, precise information concerning the Sherlock Holmes exploits is very limited. But there are bits and pieces of information regarding his former years, which conjures up a rough image of the character.

Sherlock Holmes age is not absolutely certain but; one of his adventures puts his birth date in the region of 1854, and the actual day he was born, has often been referred to as January 6. Whilst Sherlock Holmes was at university, he first showed how expert he was at logical deduction and also acquired some of his initial assignments from his fellow students at the university.

Sherlock said, after meeting the father of one of his friends, it gave him the impetus he needed to become a detective full time, then, after leaving university he worked as a detective consultant for some years until finally, Sherlock had money problems and this is where Dr Watson comes in because Sherlock takes him on as a room mate and as we all know this is where Dr Watson starts keeping a record of their adventures.

The residence of Sherlock Holmes and his trusty friend Dr Watson, is in a flat at 221b Baker Street, London, it is also the base from which they solved so many intriguing cases. Until Dr Watson came on the scene, most of the time Sherlock Holmes preferred to solve the cases without any help, and if help was needed, it would be obtained from some very unsavory characters including, informants and some street kids, called the Baker Street Irregulars.

Sherlock Holmes family is very rarely mentioned and his mother and father are never spoken about, but he does state that his forebears were country squires. Sherlock has a brother called Mycroft who is older than him and he works as a government official and he is in three of the Sherlock Holmes adventures and gets a mention in many other stories. Mycroft has a very unusual job, by using his amazing memory to remember every tiny detail when he is employed by the government.

In some areas Mycroft is said to be better than his brother, such as, logical deduction, but he doesn’t have Sherlock’s passion and determination, while Mycroft spends most of his time in the Diogenes Club.

Holmes and Watson are together for many years working well as a team until Watsons wife dies, then Watson helped Sherlock with the actual hands on work in each case, and he also recorded every interesting detail in his book.

The majority of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes are penned with Dr Watsons view point in mind and in the process giving an account of the most intriguing stories. Watson does get some slating from Holmes because he thinks Watson is writing stories rather than factual accounts of Holmes work.

Their underlying companionship does come through in many episodes, especially, the episode where Watson is shot and Holmes proves his friendship by his sincere concern. Sherlock has been operating as a detective for twenty three years and his companion Dr Watson has been recording the adventures for seventeen years. In 1903/04 Holmes decides to retire and move to Sussex to concentrate on bee keeping and he then went on to write a Handbook of Bee Culture.

Having seen the adventures of Sherlock Holmes played by so many different actors, on television and in the movies, for me the only actor that even comes close to portraying Sherlock Holmes is Jeremy Brett. He appears to throw himself into the role totally, and by doing that, makes for great sincere acting and great viewing. His performances are so good; it’s almost as if, you have gone back in time. Let’s not forget Dr Watson played by Edward Hardwicke, who is my favorite Dr Watson. I think because he and Holmes seem to work well together when solving their cases.

I hope you find this short article about Sherlock Holmes character interesting and informative. If you have never seen the adventures of Sherlock Holmes played by Jeremy Brett, I can thoroughly recommend you do.


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