Friday, December 15

Ozzy Osbourne Says Pull The Plug

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Ozzy Osbourne Says Pull the Plug

Ozzy Osbourne wants his wife Sharon to pull the plug if he ever falls into a coma.Osbourne tells Britain’s Times magazine, “I’ve always told Sharon, ‘If I become one of my vegetables, you have my permission to pull the plug.’ People say that’s going against God, but being a doctor is going against God, isn’t it? If you’ve got a headache, it ain’t God who reaches down and gives you the aspirin.” Osbourne goes on to say he agrees in Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s practice of euthanasia- but thinks strict regulations need to be established. To a certain degree, I can understand Kevorkian when he says doctors should be able to help their patients top themselves. But knowing America the way I do, if it became legal, someone would end up doing a deal: y’know, ‘If you pop my nan, I’ll give you 25 per cent of the inheritance’ kind of thing. There are certain doctors over here – anywhere, probably – who’d kill you for 10 grand. Then you’d have aged relatives who’d feel pressured into taking the death juice ’cause they wouldn’t want to be a burden. So I’d want there to be some kind of process, not just squeeze-this-trigger-and-you’re-gone, see ya.”

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