Friday, December 15

Vitamin C – The Body Does Not Store It, So, You Must Keep Eating It

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The human body requires vitamin c to perform many of its tasks, and this is probably why it has received the most publicity and become one of the most popular vitamins, all over the world. This particular vitamin has surprised a lot of people in the way it helps the body in so many ways’. It has been shown that it can improve the body’s defenses against conditions such as cancer, heart problems and a few other ailments too.

If we don’t get enough vitamin c in our body, it would reduce its ability to repair itself, also, one of the main reasons for needing this vitamin is, it’s essential for the production of collagen.

When we have an accident such as receiving a cut, the collagen comes to the rescue and helps heal the wound, and if we didn’t have enough, this would not be possible. Another interesting function of collagen in the body is, it holds our organs in position, and it would not be capable of achieving this without enough of this very important vitamin.

Vitamin c is a good antioxidant and also assists some other vitamins and minerals to be used in a much more efficient way. Other vitamins and minerals that require this vitamin to perform correctly are iron and folic acid. It is also accepted now that if you can keep your c vitamin levels reasonably high, your body can help in fight off some diseases, although when catching a cold, for example, it probably won’t stop you from getting it in the first place, but can aid the body in getting rid of it faster than it would normally do.

Most fruit and vegetables have vitamin c content, and there are a few in particular that have much more than the rest. Two examples are, melon and cranberries, but it is the tropical fruits that contain much more than any other type of fruits. Once we start talking about vegetables, some of the highest levels can be found in hot peppers, and as a rule; you will get more from the pepper when it is strong, rather than when it is mild.

Most people do not realize that when boiling vegetables for too long they will probably lose any vitamin c they once had. It is always healthier to steam or stir fry your vegetables, or even eat them raw. Eating them in any of these three healthy ways will give you more vitamins. The food nutrition experts say that the ideal amount of vegetables and fruit we should eat each day is five helpings.

Taking vitamin c as a supplement can come in very handy, for example, if you are not getting the recommended daily amount because you are not eating correctly for one of many possible reasons, including medical ones. Its not a bad idea to have a course of the supplement if you are feeling tired or rundown, it is one of the very few vitamins that the body does not store, so it is essential that you eat a healthy and varied diet and include plenty of fruit and vegetables.   


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