Friday, December 15

Jobs That Pays High With Less Than 6 Months of Training

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Nail tech

Nail tech can be trained within 6 months and then they can get a job. They can also open their own spa and make tons of money too. It’s easier to learn but there are tons of jobs. You can make your own business too and this is the best part.

Hair tech

Hair cutter can also make a good living. You can also open your own business. You can finish training in about three to four months. You should consider this field if you like hair.


Bartender can also train for less than 6 months but they also make a good living. You can train to be a bartender and even open a lounge or bar later.


Drivers make tons of money. It’s easier and most people already know how to drive. You can learn how to drive big trucks. They pay around $30 an hour. My friends are drivers and they make good money.


Cook also makes good money. You don’t even have to finish training. If you have experiences, you can go into this field and make a decent wage. However, if you want to advance, you can also take classes and cook really well.

Nursing assistant

Nursing assistant can also be trained for less than 6 months. You also make a decent wage but there are many jobs with this field. They will always need CAN. The hospitals have many openings for this job.

Dental assistant

There are many jobs for DA too. You can train for less than 6 months. You will be able to find a job soon. It’s a high demand field.

Medical assistant

This field is in high demand. They will always need MA’s. You can train for it less than 6 months. You will also make a decent wage doing this.

Cocktail waitress

Cocktail waitresses also make a decent amount of money. You can train for this job and even learn it on your own.


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