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6 Tips on Dry Skin Care: Are You Using a Moisturizer?

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Dry skin care is something we should all take seriously, if we don’t and you happen to have dry skin, if left untreated could result in cracked skin which does not look very nice at all. Two of the most common reasons for dry skin are, dry weather conditions and other skin preparations that tend to leave the skin very dry, and there is also the possibility that having dry skin is just the way you are, naturally. It doesn’t matter what the reason is for your dry skin, it’s vital that you proceed with a continuing program of dry skin care. 

1. Moisturizer: Type One

One of the best ways to combat a dry skin problem is by using a moisturizer which normally comes in two types depending on how they work. The first type of moisturizer works by retaining the moisture in your skin, and are quite cheap to buy and easy to obtain.

2. Moisturizer: Type Two

The other type of moisturizer works in a different way; it takes the moisture from the surrounding air and puts it into the skin. This is obviously a good method of skin care when there is plenty of moisture in the air and is much more superior to the greasy one. It’s always better to use a non greasy moisturizer, whenever possible.

3. How to Use a Moisturizer

Using moisturizers in the correct way is very important if you are going to be successful in dry skin care. Cleansing the skin before applying the moisturizer is the most effective method, and also, it is a good idea to use the moisturizer whilst your skin is still slightly moist. You must use products that don’t contain any soap; this is particularly important for any parts of your body that are exposed to the air, such as your face and arms.

4. Sun Protection

When using and buying skin care products, always make sure they have some kind of sun protection in them. If you are prone to having dry skin, try not to be exposed to direct sunlight for too long, but if you are going out into the sun, use a good sunscreen product and if possible use a sun shade or sun umbrella. Also there are moisturizers in the stores now, which actually contain the sun protection in them.

5. Washing

When it comes to dry skin care, washing your face and having a shower is very important, because if the water is too hot or too cold it can cause dry skin. It’s best to use warm water if you can. You should also be very kind to your skin, don’t use strong detergents or cleansers containing alcohol. When you have finished washing your face, try to get into the habit of gently tapping your face dry with a towel, instead of rubbing it. If using an exfoliate don’t be too harsh when applying it.

6. Dry Skin Care Should Be Easy

 Skin care should be relatively easy for people who suffer from dry skin because there are many excellent products available to keep your skin looking and feeling great. It’s just a matter of being a little bit more aware of your skin and being careful about what you put on it. So many of us do tend to take our skin for granted, but with a small amount of regular gentle caring, your skin will certainly improve.


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