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Old Wive's Tales on Witches

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An old wife’s tale is a type of urban legend, similar to a proverb, which is passed down by old wives to the younger generations. These tales usually opened a path way to superstitions, and folklore that often became exaggerated in there details.

Most of the old wives tales are false and were used to discourage unwanted behaviour, involving good luck, and bad luck in some way. In the witching times, the old wives tales or superstitions were in there prime of being believed.

The witch and horseshoe.

To stop a witch from entering you’re house people were said to nail a horseshoe to the front door. Many people believed a witch was afraid of horses at the time of this old wives tale was told, and for the witch to keep away from horses the witch would fly on her broom stick.

Later the old wives tale changed to, the witch was no longer afraid of horses and made friends with them and now the witch could turn herself into a horse, to avoid attention, it was thought that holding a horseshoe upside down would all the good energy (the good luck) to run out.

The witch and her warts and dimples.

For a so called witch, having a dimple on the chin was, believed that they had the devil within them. To even support a wart, was considered the mark of the devil, birth marks were in this old wives tale, as people believed they were the sign of the devils touch.

The witch and her cat.

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Cat’s themselves were said to bring bad luck and good luck, but a cat that was owned by a witch crossed you’re path it was said that Satan himself had noticed you.

Witches and cattle.

If there was a witch in the area and the cattle fell ill, the witch got the blame. People would make many good luck charms and wooden crosses and attach them to the cattle stalls to fend of the evil witchcraft.

The witch and the mirror.

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On Halloween night a witch was believed to speak to the devil through a mirror to ask for guidance in her wicked ways.

A witch and her broom stick.

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It was said that if you walked passed a witch while she was sweeping in you’re direction, she would sweep bad luck all over you. A witches broom was thought of as good luck for the witch herself, as it could be used to sweep out the bad luck of the old year and in sweep in the good luck for the new year. For someone to posses a witches broom, it was seen as good luck, to sleep with on under their bed, and dream of their lover, would bring good luck on their relationship, maybe even leading to marriage.

To day.

Old wives tales are ancient, and over time have reached into modern day lives through, pregnancy, puberty and nutrition, the tales get longer and the superstitions grow, how many do you take heed of?


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