How to Start Social and Other Topic Network

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Step 1

Go to which is 100% FREE there are no costs to setup or monthly fees. Its 100% fee free!

Step 2

You can get started with beginning your social network instantly on the home page. You start by naming your social network and picking your web address. The web address is free by the way!

Step 3

Create a tag line for your social community network which I recommend to be catchy (ex: The Place to be For …etc) and if it can contain good keywords that will be even more beneficial due to the fact that good keywords means good SEO (search engine optimization) which means more traffic!

Step 4

This step is where you customize the look of your social community. You can either pick a template and they have a number of templates that fit the scheme for a number of topics for business, health, gaming, and so on. I liked using the templates because I wanted to get it up and running quickly, but you can choose whatever the color scheme you want.

Step 5

Now you get to choose the actual look and capabilities of your page. For example, a instant messaging service within the network. You can also give the option to post blogs, forums, videos, photos, and so on.

Step 6

The next step you can take is to make emails that you can send to all the members that joined even though you might not already have members you can send emails to your friends asking them to join!(quite a feature!)
Also, no need to worry about using up any memory because it is all done through!

No hosting is necessary unless you choose of course!

  • Make sure to use keywords in your title
  • This is a great way to advertise online for whatever topic your business may be involved with
  • you can purchase your own domain name and forward it to the home page for further marketing
  • No Warnings!

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