How to choose a flight school

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If you’re thinking about choosing a flight school, it’s worth the time to do some serious investigation. You want to choose the right flight school, not just the first flight school you happen to find in the yellow pages. The flight school you choose can make a difference not only in the amount of money you pay, but the time you invest and, most importantly, the quality of the flight instruction you receive.

The first thing you want to do when choosing a flight school is to figure out how much it is going to cost. Compare the cost of each flight school in your area. Some schools may offer financial aid, and some schools may offer financing or payment plans. Make sure that you get a quote that includes the final price of instruction, such as things like the FAA check ride you have to have in order to get your license, as well as equipment fees and costs of written tests.

The next step is to take a visit to the flight schools you’re considering. You might have to choose a flight school that is a little farther away in order to get the best flight education. Try to find a school that seems to be situated around or near a busy airport. This means you’re most likely to get training opportunities that have to do with important issues like navigating in airspace that’s restricted, or communicating with the flight control tower.

You should take some time to try to meet the flight instructors. If possible, spend some time talking with them about what it is that you want to learn, in addition to qualifying for your license. Ask about their training style. You might even be able to take an introductory flight with the instructor for a reduced cost. Choose a flight school instructor who can accommodate your schedule, and who you will enjoy learning from.

You’ll want to find out some important information about the schools you’re considering, as well. For example, you should find out how many instructors at each school have a master rating. Obviously, this indicates a higher quality of instruction. You should also try to choose a flight school that offers the entire gamete of flight training, including ratings like certified instructors and private pilots.

Finally, check into any additional amenities or training opportunities the flight school has to offer. These can include things like an area to study, or the ability to take a practice test for free.

Ultimately, the flight school you choose will play an important part in determining whether you get your license, and how quickly.


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