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Vitamins And a Healthy Diet = Healthy Hair

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There are certain hair vitamins and minerals that can be very important in keeping your hair healthy and looking good, and when the hair is not getting enough vitamins this could lead to a loss of hair or if it becomes serious, complete baldness. It has been said that the condition of ones hair can mirror the overall health of your body. If you were to have an illness or your body is not receiving the right amount of vitamins your hair could suffer and it might cease growing. This is why a person might benefit from certain vitamins that are known to be good for this type of problem.

Three of the most effective vitamins for having healthy hair are B6, biotin and folic acid. To make sure you are getting enough of the right vitamins for your hair, the simplest method would be to use vitamin supplements. These are not the only way of achieving healthy hair, we must not forget minerals which are also very important for our hair, and some of these are magnesium, silica, sulphur and zinc. 

The most important hair vitamin of them all is vitamin A and the best way to obtain it would be through beta-carotene in the food we eat. The reason for this is, if taking too much vitamin A as a supplement it can be harmful. So the best and safest way to get vitamin A is through beta carotene in our diet which changes into vitamin A in the body, which in turn will give healthy hair. This vitamin is not only good for your hair, it is essential in many other ways, for example, healthy bones, nails and skin. 

Protein is another requirement for healthy hair which is also mainly made up of it too. If you eat a lot of protein in your diet, this could speed up your hair growth and if you are deficient in protein you could put yourself in the position of having slightly thinning and slow growing hair. 

Vitamins and minerals are not the only ways of achieving healthy hair. It has been shown that there is a connection with the health of a person’s hair and their general health. It has also been noticed that people who are stressed or suffer from insomnia could also have problems with their diet and therefore they will not be getting enough vitamins for healthy hair. 

So, if you have damaged hair or any other hair problems, vitamin and mineral supplements could be the answer. And of course if you can eat a healthy diet which includes a wide range of different foods, there would be no need for the extra hair vitamins in the first place.  


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