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Review On: Elmer Helps The Rainbow

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After discovering Elmer last week (when I borrowed Elmer and the big bird from the library) I borrowed another Elmer book. This time I choose Elmer and the rainbow and last night I read it to my daughter who loves Elmer. Enjoy reading!

**About David McKee**

David McKee (born in 1935) is a British childrensbooks author and illustrator. He is also known using another name, Violet Easton. When McKee started drawing, he was illustrating Reader Digest magazines to support himself. After a few years (to be precise, in 1989) he thought of Elmer, the patchwork elephant. Elmer isn’t the only creation McKee invented. He also wrote books with characters named King Rollo en Mr Ben. The Elmer books are available in over 20 languages and sold worldwide.

**About Elmer and the rainbow**

General information about this book might be useful;

Title; Elmer and the rainbow
Pages; 32
Year of publication; 2007
ISBN; 1842706470
Price; 6 Pounds (

**The books cover**

The cover of this book is made of firm cardboard material so your toddler won’t tear it up when accidentaly playing with the book. On the cover you see Elmer (colorful as always) looking pretty happy and he is walking through a forrest. There is a little blue bird sitting on his head and Elmer and the little bird are looking up to the rainbow. The cover is really interesting because of the use of colours. I was drawn to this book immediatly and so was my daughter.

**The story**

Elmer and his fellow elephants are in a cave because a big storm is coming up. Elmer really likes the thunder and lightning and hopes to see the rainbow after the storm has gone. The drawing shows Elmer and his grey coloured fellow elephants in a light brown big cave. At the exit of the cave you can see rain and thunder being drawn. All the animals are looking towards the exit of the cave.

After the storm, Elmer goed outside and while he is walking through the forrest he looks up and some raindrops are falling on his head. According to the blue birds that are also outside, the rainbow is crying because it came out too quick and now has lost its colours.

On the third page of the book, you see a purple sky with a grey rainbow. On the background some trees are drawn (all in different natural colours) and Elmer is looking towards the rainbow. Elmer want to give the rainbow his colours! But if he wants to do that he has to find the end of the rainbow first. Elmer and his friends go out looking for it.

The fourth page of the book shows Elmer and his friend the lion, tiger, and rabbits. They all help Elmer to find the end of the rainbow. The lion promises Elmer to roar when he finds it.

On the fifth page, Elmer bumps into his friend Giraffe and he is sticking out his long neck to see where the rainbow ends. But Giraffe cannot see the end either. He is curious about what will happen to Elmer is he gives his colours to the rainbow. But before getting an answer, Elmer already left.

Elmer goes back to the cave and asks his elephant friends to help him find the end of the rainbow. The elephants still are a bit scared to get out of the cave, because they are not used to seeing a grey rainbow. They think that if Elmer gives his colours to the rainbow, he will become grey, just like them.
The monkeys also help Elmer to find the rainbow.
The fish have seen a weird grey thing near the waterfall, and Elmer thinks this is the end of the rainbow. He is right and when he arrives at the waterfall he jumps in the water and dissapears behind the waterfall. All the other animals are arriving at the waterfall as well and the rainbow slowly gets its colours back. But when Elmer appears, he still has his own colours! He tells his friends he can give away his colours without losing them!

On the way back one of his animal friends wonders why the rainbow didn’t get Elmer’s patchwork pattern. But the other animals are happy it didn;t because they have enough work with patchwork elephant Elmer as it is!

**my opinion**

The illustrations in this book are not only colourfull, they also are very detailled. A monkey really looks like a monkey and the rainbow is clearly drawn. Any child will like the animals in this book and of course Elmer. The book builts up pretty well, while reading it you get more and more curious about what is going to happen to Elmer if he gives away his colours. The theme of friendship is a very important topic in all the Elmer books. This time it is shown that helping each other can be exciting and fun. Very useful for older kids to explain why helping other people can be useful. I have to say after reading this second Elmer book, I cannot wait to get myself another one!


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