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Review On; Nivea Moisturising Sun Spray

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I hardly ever need to use sunspray, because I am half-Indonesian and my skin can take quite a lot of sunshine before it burns. But the past few years I did notice my Dutch roots was coming through a bit more as I had some sunburns on my shoulders. Light ones, but still painfull. So when going on a “sunspray search”I bought myself this Nivea SPF 20 spray. More than enough protection for my skin.

**About Nivea Moisturising Sun Spray**

I do have a dry skin which means I always like product dat moisture my skin. This product does moisture the skin (and of course, protects it agains sunburns) and after using it your skin does feel soft and smooth.
The sunspray is a recognizable Nivea product, it comes in a dark blue bottle with yellow cap. All sun product from Nivea have this color combination.
The spraybutton is easy in use (you don’t have to force it to get some sunspray out of the bottle).
This Niveau product is available in different protection levels; 6, 10, 15, 20,30, 50+ . I didn’t know this so next time I guess a protection level of 10 is enough for my skin.
The bottle is priced 12,50 Pounds for 200 ml. Not cheap, I know.
Once the spray is on your skin, it doesn’t leave any “white spots”which I think is nice.
You do need to repeat spraying when you are in the sunshine for a long amount of time.

**My opinion**

Again, a nice and well working sun spray that is easy to use, but expensive. I do like to spent money on such an important product because I don’t want to have a very wrinkled skin when I turn 30, because I never took care of my skin when it was sunny. The spray works for me, I don’t get any sunburns and the spray also moistures my skin which I like a lot. Besides that, the bottle is easy in use and the spray has a nice scent to it (not too perfumy, just fresh). The spray can be washed of easily.


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