Thursday, December 14

Rolling Stone And The War

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The Rolling Stone article that is coming out about General McCrystal has to be a set up by someone.  The question is who set it up, and why.  Rolling Stone tends to tilt to the left, which should have favored Obama.  But, it would seem Obama has fallen out of favor with the left, because this article clearly presents him in a bad light.  It also presents the military and General McCrystal in a bad light as well, and most of the top administration involved in this war.  It also seems that the article wants the United States to fail in Afghanistan, where several countries have failed before us.  So, let us look at who benefits from this article and who doesn’t.

Rolling Stone should benefit, at least initially from a lot of free publicity and extra sales of it article.  The only problem is next month, they will need another article about something else.  The left expects to get readers from the non-left with this article, and maybe some will continue to read the magazine.  There are no down side for Rolling Stone right now.  I expect the military doesn’t read Rolling Stone, and didn’t really know what they publish.  However, there is no excuse for some of the antics that the article describes, which is apparently accurate.

The governemnt is a loser here.  It does not help the war to have the top officials be at odds.  It does not help the government to show the dissention that exists with this administration and the military.  I don’t think it is an unreasonable assumption that the military may not follow this commander in chief.  President Obama needs to be careful, or he may lose the military.  The military tends to be conservative, and of course, President Obama is just the opposite.  Worse, the President is becoming precieved as someone not to be trusted.  This is bad.

The military is a loser here.  It is showing that it does not have control of its top generals; and that there is true dissension in the ranks.  This is especially bad during war time, when you need commands carried out that may not make too much sense at the time.  How can the lower officers follow orders when the top ones don’t?  The administration is not helping, setting up withdrawal dates before the war has been won. 

One has to wonder what General McCrystal is up to here.  Does he want out?  Does he hope to get certain things for his troops?  Why on earth would a General continence such disrespect for senior officials in his aides and troops?  How does that help fight a war?  The general had to know the effect this article would have.  Someone steeped in military training could not miss this.  One would hope this in not an attempt to get the higher ups to pay attention of the General.  I wonder about his mental health.  Maybe a change is needed.  Maybe the heat in this area catches up to one after awhile.

The winner?  The only winner I see is the Taliban and Rolling Stone is helping them take over this country again.  The Taliban were cruel and inhuman rulers of this country.  They destroyed people and communities for no reason.  They destroyed priceless works of art for no reason.  It was a good thing when they were kicked out of the government of Afghanistan.  But, they have regrouped and are knocking at the door of taking over Afghanistan once again.  I don’t get it, but I know who is the winner here.  And it is usually the winner who is truly behind these things.


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