Monday, December 18

Drayton Bird… Master Marketer And Free Training For You

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What an inspiration!

Many decades of marketing mastery all bottled up in one hilarious gentleman.

Drayton Bird was a blast to speak with.

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the call, he gave me far more of his time than I thought I would get.

He shared his history and what has inspired him to continue writing 6 hours a day for 50 years.

He shared the story of his mother’s first direct response letter – and the staggering results she attained for her non-profit animal shelter (along with the single key that any non-profit could use to get the same results).

He shared his formula for creating winning copy.

He shared his incredible insights into the internet marketing age.

Last, but certainly not least – he shared his humour.  Lots of it.

I haven’t laughed like that in a long time.

He inspired me to use more humour and to develop my ability to see the lighter side in everything that I do.

If you have never heard of his 450 page masterpiece – NOW is the time to look it up on Amazon!

Common Sense Direct Marketing is a huge honking behemoth of a manual.

And it delivers.

For now though – start with the recording of this fantastic call.

Drayton Bird is a master marketer and you need to hear this:

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PS: I have the Writing with ~ZING~ class coming up in Calgary — it is a one day condensed format that shows you how to write for the Search Engines, for Social Media, and for Marketing – details at the Writing with ~ZING~ page.

If you are near Calgary, I guarantee this will be a very profitable day for you.


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