Saturday, December 16

How my Dog Helps me in Business

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My dog Casino was found wandering a gravel road on an Indian Reservation when he was under 2 months old.

He was malnourished, had a skin disease, and had been kicked in the mouth.

Luckily, Misty Creek Dog Rescue was driving by after collecting another 20 puppies from a certain death on the reserve.

They healed him.

Fed him.
Fattened him.

…and named him Casino, a name they were saving for the right dog.

This little husky mix was that one.

We adopted him when he was 4 months old and have loved every minute of having him since. That was almost 2 years ago.  My 9 year old twin daughters love having a dog and have a blast with him in the yard and at the off-lease dog park.

I even have pictures of them dressing him up (we promised not to share with his dog park buddies).

We actually finally made the decision to adopt after having our house broken into 2 years ago, while we slept.

It was a stomach-wrenching realization waking up and knowing someone had been in the house while we all slept.  I always thought I would wake up if it happened (as does everyone), but I didn’t hear a thing.

Anyhow, the breaking scared my girls and a dog was soon to follow.

One of the biggest changes that I feel happened has a direct impact on my business.

…And there is a solid lesson in here for you.

My original mentor, the master Ad Writer, Ted Nicholas, once said to me that “walking is the unsung hero of exercise”.

Coming from a guy of his ‘experience’, and the fact that he is still very youthful and full of vitality, I listened.

…in fact, I used Casino as my excuse to get out there more consistently walking.

You know what?

Going for a fast-paced 30 minute walk every morning is a FINE way to start your day.  I walk fast, so every morning I get a good sweat going before tackling anything else.

Me and Casino cruise the neighborhood, stop by the offleash area, and then walk back home to pick up my daughters so we can walk them to school.

It gets me lots of fresh air, some sun, and hours a week of exercise (besides my 3-4 hrs a week in the Tae Kwon Do Dojang).

Here is my point to you…

…if there is any possible way you can start your day with a walk – DO IT!

Even better…

…start writing the SECOND you get back from your walk.  Well, maybe grab some water and a banana first.

It is one of the best ways to start your day.

You will find your mind refreshed, excited, full of oxygen, and ready for a powerful day.

Most of the days I am out walking, I am also listening to audios with experts or audio books.

So I am also getting a priceless education!

In the average 1 month span (probably more like 1 week, to be honest) I learn more PRACTICAL tools for growing a business than I did in my 5 years in Business School (Bachelor of Commerce Degree).

You don’t need a dog like Casino to get the benefits I have seen.

All you need is some initiative and commitment.


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