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Anaheim Job Guide: The Best Careers In Anaheim, California

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The unemployment rate for Anaheim, Santa Ana and Irvine, the cities that make up the Orange County metropolitan statistical area, declined from 10.1% in March 2010 to 9.5% in April 2010.  The outlook for job growth and career development in this part of California is considerably brighter than in the state as a whole, where the jobless rate has been hovering around 12.3%. While some sectors lost jobs, the ones reporting job growth in the Anaheim area are in government, leisure and hospitality, financial services, and information technology and services.  Anyone looking for a career with good growth potential should consider these fields.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the future looks promising for people who are preparing to enter select fields. The fastest growing occupations were identified in a 2008 report that forecasts what the employment picture will look like in 2018. Most of the mentioned careers that have the highest expectations and salaries require a bachelor’s degree. There are also quite a few, such as dental hygienists and veterinary technologists and technicians, that a person with an associate’s degree can find financially and personally fulfilling.

At the top of the 2018 chart were biomedical engineers. The minimum educational requirement for this professional position is a bachelor’s degree. A combination of an aging population and a growing need for miracle replacement parts for worn out knees, broken hips, out-of-sync pacemakers, and thumbs that succumb to excessive text messaging stress means that this specialty, which currently pays an annual median wage (AMW) of  $93,630 in Anaheim, will be in demand through the foreseeable future. For those who want to follow a fast track to a good job in this field, an associate’s degree in electronics is needed to become a biomedical technician, a person who inspects and/or repairs medical devices.

As in other parts of the U.S., some classic career choices are always at the peak of the pay scale. The Anaheim area has over 6,100 lawyers who earn about $136,130.  Family and general practitioners are paid $110,460. Over 2,300 pharmacists average $119,140. Registered nurses, most of whom have a bachelor’s degree, are rewarded annually with $76,080 for their skills and dedicated service. While middle school teachers currently make $69,860, hiring prospects at all levels – kindergarten through secondary education – are no longer as good as they were previously, due to budget constraints.

With Disney and other theme parks and tourist attractions prominent players on the Anaheim scene, job growth in leisure, hospitality, recreation and lodging is expected. Recreation workers will not get rich quick greeting guests or giving tours. They earn $21,070, not bad for those who are using their positions to support themselves while attending college. Over 1,100 chefs and head cooks put their best plate forward for $39,490 a year. Food service managers are paid $49,440 to keep customers and staff satisfied.

Finance is and will always be an area with unlimited career opportunity in Anaheim and throughout the globe. People will always need assistance with handling their money (or lack of it). Taxes must be paid, and future issues such as college tuition or retirement income must be addressed. Anyone who is adept at crunching numbers or identifying solid investment opportunities should consider a career in accounting, auditing, banking and financial services. For those with a solid background in investing and a good gift of gab, a job as a securities, commodities and/or financial services sales agent pays $69,130.

Currently, accountants and auditors in greater Anaheim earn $63,950. Over 2,500 financial analysts are paid $73,800.

Since computer technology is now part of just about every aspect of life, the need for new hires in this field will continue. Computer hardware engineers in Anaheim are paid $95,040. The salary range for sub-specialties in computer software engineering is $94,380- $97,290. Computer systems analysts earn $75,360. For anyone who has both vast tech know-how and great people skills, a career as a computer and information systems manager pays $124,660, definitely one of the most rewarding and secure jobs at the top of the career ladder.

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