Friday, December 15

Youtube Video Upload. How to Do?

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You tube is a website where you can post all kinds of videos but no pornographic videos. On You tube , there is the system of subscibe other channels of other people all over the world. The subscribing is for free and you mustn’t pay anything to you tube. If you want you can only watch videos or be a part of the community and upload Videos too. There are so much kinds of videos like Comedy, Action, V-logs, News, Shows, Gaming and so much more.

If You want to upload a video to You tube it must be under 10 minutes and not more then 2GB. There are many kinds of format that you videos can have like wmv or avi or mp4. You can upload Videos with music or without, like you want. If you make good videos you can get very famous on You tube with a lot of subscribers. Well, if you want to make a video you need first a topic for your video maybe what is the content of your video. Then you need something with you can make a video like a video camera. 3rd thing you need to have is a video editing program like Windows live movie maker or if you want to make videos proffesional Sony Vegas 9.0 Pro (599$). After you filmed something crazy or funny you edit the video with your video editing program you choosed. After you edited it you must convert it into HD (high definition). After you converted it into HD (1080p) you can upload it on you tube. After it is uploaded you just must wait and do more videos.


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