Console reviews: The Nintendo Wii

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For many years, the particular gaming console you chose was really about your own personal preferences and biases. Underneath all of the hype, however, the consoles were all very similar in terms of what they offered to the average person. Whether you bought a PS2 or an Xbox had more to do with brand loyalty than it did to do with particular features of the console.

The Nintendo Wii has, in many ways, changed things. Sure, there are those who will purchase a Nintendo Wii out of brand loyalty, who have been fans of the Nintendo ever since the early days of the 8-bit Nintendo console. But many people today who haven’t purchased a Nintendo product since the Super Nintendo are considering buying a Nintendo Wii.

What is it about the Nintendo Wii that has people excited? Well, the most unique thing about the Wii is its interface. The Nintendo Wii doesn’t just use a standard console gaming joystick. The Wii uses a motion-sensitive wireless remote. The remote even features its own speaker, rumble device and Bluetooth capabilities. The Wii uses its sensor bar to detect the positioning of the Wii remote, and the ballast inside of the Wii remote even tells the Nintendo Wii console how the remote is positioned, whether it’s twisted one direction or another.

It’s this wireless, motion-sensing capability that creates some of the most interesting Wii possibilities. The Wii Fit accessory, for example, assists users as they engage in a variety of physical activities. The system actually monitors body position and, using a special floor mat, even measures the weight of the individual.

There are other reasons to buy a Nintendo Wii, to be sure. Some people will like the Nintendo Wii because the games have the look and feel that Nintendo has been famous for all these years. Playing Mario Kart or Donkey Kong Barrel Blast on the Nintendo Wii brings back, on some level, the nostalgia of playing Super Mario Brothers or Donkey Kong Country. In addition, many people just enjoy those specific titles that Nintendo produces that have never been made available to other gaming system manufacturers.

If you’re thinking about buying a new gaming console, the Wii is definitely worth considering. While it’s true that the Xbox 360 is probably more appropriate for hard-core gamers and that there are more game titles available for the PS3, the unique interface of the Nintendo Wii makes it worth checking out.


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