Wednesday, December 13

Adventures of The Impossible Becoming Possible

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Today was the start of a brand new life.  After witnessing a lot in the past year, it finally feels good to know things is getting better.  For those of you that don’t know, I was shot on the day of September 5th of 2009.  Just that very night something in the making was change forever for I was told and knew somebody in the neighborhood had shot you, and due to the damages, you are now paralyzed.  The thought a few hours ago would of made me laugh because of how foolish and unaware I was due to recreation drugs and alcohol.  However, It was during that time I would experience a complete change in lifestyle but where do I began?  At some point in time, I woke up, only to realize a sudden difference.  As the effects of drugs began to fade I regain conscious from countless hours of surgery, but then also noticed I could no longer feel my body as it once was before.  Later, I notice more, more of something that took the entire breath from body away.  There I was, lying there with the little energy of life that I had left.  On my left stood a big machine called respirator machine which at this time was the only way for me to breathe.  I had been hooked up to so many machines and tubes, I looked up to see many faces staring with a look that didn’t look too pleasing…


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