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List of Ilonggo Food And Native Cuisine

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It’s all started when I travel to Iloilo, Philippines. First thing I notice is the language they speak ilonggo, the accent sounds sweet compare to tagalog national language of Filipino’s. I enjoy is the food. I love Filipino food specially Ilonggo Cuisine. Iloilo City has many restaurant. Iloilo is famous with there famous seafoods. Talaba (“oyster”) is famous amongst Ilonggo people. Oyster is very cheap you can buy them 15-25 php per kilo. Unlike in Manila Oyster is very expensive.  In Iloilo you can survive if you 100 pesos budget for food a day. There is a cheap restaurant locally known as carinderia, they sell food for 25 pesos as low as 15 pesos. The lifestyle in Iloilo is Kind a cheaper compare living in the Urban Capital of the Philippines which is Manila.

Here’s  the list of famous ilonggo food or cuisine

Batchoy- Iloilo is well known for its batchoy. Lapaz batchoy is composed of chicharon, boiled beef for the stock “sabaw” chooped garlic, mami noodle, salf for the taste.

Linaga – one of my favorite. Boiled beef with langka

KBL- kadios Baboy Langka

Native Chicken Adobo – cook with native coconut vinegar.

Pinalmalhan – fish cooked with vinegar and salt with ginger and chile.

Laswa – composed of all green vegetable with sabaw

Tambo- I considered this one of my favorite. I don’t how to cook this but I really like the taste.

Binakol – Native chicken cook with coconut juice.

Ubad native chicken- native chicken with a banana hush.

Ginat-an- Catfish with coconut milk cook with ginger and chile pepper.

Native chicken tinola- cooked with lemon grass ginger and pepper leaves.

Aroz caldo with Native Chicken-  Rice soup with native chicken with a lot of slice ginger.

If you are in Iloilo check out the native chicken recipe and Batchoy the pride of Ilonggos.

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