Dog Rehab.

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How did my dog get this way?

This is a common question we ask ourselves, the truth is, we did it to them. Dogs live in a different work with its own language, rather then the humans world. They use body language and other skills to communicate. If you do not catch the warning signs right away, even as puppies, they can be very difficult to reverse.

Myth: My Dog Is Impossible to Fix!!!

While not every owner, trainer, or handler is not suitable for every dog usually there is someone that can handle your dogs case. If there is hope for a nippy toy breed there is hope for a nippy large breed, dogs don’t live on what size they are.

Ollys’ Case:

Olly lives in a pack of Chihuahuas, she is the alpha female, however she is not the largest dog in the house. The largest dog is 50 pounds which puts her dominate aggresive behaviour at risk for her life.

Her behaviour:

  • Biting other dogs
  • Biting children
  • Biting her own owner
  • Snapping
  • Food aggresive
  • Charging the doors when they close
  • Owner protective (bites and snaps when you approach her with her owner)

Toy breed dogs are very susceptible to being very babied, and treated like a human. We have to remember our dogs, are dogs. You must also socialize toy dogs just as you would a large breed dog, carefully however. Olly developed her problems from a lack of knowledge and time to socialize her properly, then punishing her for the behaviour.

Basic tips for aggresive dog handling:

  • Do not physically touch them if possible
  • Do not stare into their eyes
  • Do not comfort them
  • Do not yell or raise your voice
  • DO stay calm

If you are having a hard time with your dog, please contact a professional dog behaviourist and/or trainer.

Dog Behaviorist?

Most dog behaviorists work on the dogs behavior. Most dog trainers, train the dogs to do a certain set of tasks. Some people can do both, some can not. The first work on changing the mood or actions of the dog. The second works on teaching the dogs commands.

What will happen to Olly?

Olly is in a 2 week program, with me, to help her behaviour out. Hopefully, by the end of these weeks she will be a more happy and stable member of the home and let people love her more. For her, it is coming down to socialization, showing her that her old actions are unacceptable (in a nice manner), and showing her that being alpha in a home is not always in her best interests. It also means showing her that love, cuddles, pets, kibble, water, and a warm shelter are here for her if she follows a very basic set of house rules.

  • There will be more articles on “Ollys Case” in the days and weeks to come with her progress and how the training is going about.

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this article and wish the best for you and your canine companions.


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