Monday, December 11

Electoral College Calculator

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California Electoral College Initiative has been exposed for what the Republican plan to steal the presidential election in 2008. The idea was that the percentage of votes for the state in the nation’s largest district in exchange for 55 countries to win – which is almost definitely a Democrat. But a mysterious $ 175,000 contribution has increased suspicion that it is Rudy Giuliani for the initiative, and prompted two key staff leave their posts in the group by clicking on it.
Bankruptcy effort seems to be a shot in the elections, Florida has a little style. But our democracy is not safe until we disarm weapons to bullets.
It’s time to abolish the electoral voting system. We need it now.
Other methods can only go halfway. Maine and Nebraska already split their electoral votes. Maryland’s state law requires voters to vote for the winner of the vote nationwide. Wise, the legislature also decided that the law does not take effect until representing a majority of voters in the country to adopt similar laws. But there are two problems with this approach. Only state laws that lead voters to vote is unconstitutional, and second, that the unequal distribution of votes in the census process and its disproportionate impact on states with small populations.
And in 1787, the electoral system unique, the worst ideas of the author. “As time passed, became less and less justified. It can not be reformed or tamed. He must go.
Americans value their constitution, but I do not understand. Every year my students at the University of Oregon School of Law, 11 submitted their evaluations of teachers in teaching about civil rights, says that the Constitution is a large document, which was established in the near perfection for more than two centuries. Almost all these students – and bright high school graduates in America – “know” the Constitution is not so. This is an ongoing fraud is nowhere more evident than in the justification offered for the university, “options” (the term also nowhere in the Constitution).
Consider the arguments most often advanced in voter confidence: confidence in the creators of a democratic election, and prevents candidates from ignoring small states, but argue that the two-party system and recognizes the role of state government without him, we should have a national electoral system but we were well served.


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