Thursday, December 14

New Digg V4.0 Gets More Social For Good

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Founder and CEO of Kevin Rose released a Publisher Preview video of Digg V4.0.  Friends and Sharing is the Core feature of the new digg. So when users logged using his account, they will be redirect to an on-boarding process that asks them to follow their publishers, friends, and taste-makers.

Digg new homepage is called MyNews, which will show links from people and publishers you follow. This the main section where all the stories are being digg that a user is following. A comment will be display alongside the story from your friend too. The process of submission for has been reduced too. The thumbnail and a description will be automatically grabbed when you submit a story.

Now you do not get banned, spammed and frowned upon by submitting all your stories to Digg and cheating Digg get tougher every time. Just like Twitter, Buzz and Facebook pages, you can now auto-publish all your new articles via RSS feeds to Digg, removing the need to submit to Digg, so actually all stories will start with 1 Digg.

Features of Digg v4:

  • Has on boarding process which enables the users to follow their friends, tastemakers and publishers.

  • New homepage called My News which has all the stories digged by your friends.

  • Users will be able to see the comments in the homepage.

  • Features a leader board showing you the hottest news digg by your friends on digg.

  • Users can automatically import stories from other social networks and websites via RSS.

How to Get an Invite for Digg v4?

  • Go this form New Digg

  • Click on “Don’t have access? Sign up for beta.”

  • Submit your Digg Username and Email address

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