Friday, December 15

Your Right Door Screw

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In making sure you have the right door screw, you have to consider first its brand; it is preferred to find a door screw that is stainless steel. But beforehand it is important to check first the quality of the wood or canvass where the screw will be screwed. Then you should consider the heads, widths, and lengths of the screw. In addition, it is also advice that we consider the number of screws that we want to put in our doors; the more screws is the more stronger but beauty is also considered, don’t outnumber your hinge.


Be sure that the screw head is big enough to cover the hinge’s hole with a little overhang. Perhaps you want the hinge to slip off. It is not practical that your screw head is rounded that protrude overlapping the hinge, it will cause some slight problem in closing the door and it may damage the canvass that is against the door. Phillips head screw is more available to find but there are plenty of flat heads screw anywhere that works find.


To insure maximal weight load, you will choose the wider screw because the wider it is the stronger the screw to hold weights. Try a width or two usually classified by a number and a pound sign, screws to achieve a stronger screw to bear heavier weight.


It is wise to have a 2 to 4 inch screw in considering the stability of the door. Although some doors is light and requires less, but you need to insure that your screw is long enough to hold your door. Also, there are incidents that having a long screw messed up its integrity so it is a must that you are analytic enough to fit the length of the screw to the door you are working.


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