Monday, December 18

Why Pleasures Mean So Much To Me: A Tribute to Lauder's Pleasures

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The scent of flowers after the rain is the concept of Pleasures. It is a contemporary floral, actually a true floral which most people consider as green and aromatic since it emanates those notes as well. The floral notes come from a unique bouquet that consists of peony, lilies, violets, and gardenia. The green and aromatic note comes from patchoulli and crushed violet leaves. The creamy woody base is made possible by the combination of sandalwood, cedar, and musk.  All these make Pleasures a truly exciting fragrance to wear. In addition, it is the first perfume to use pink peppercorns which gives it that truly cheerful opening. Today, pink peppercorn is a modern perfumer’s favorite ingredient. Meanwhile, Pleasures continue to be a staple in most women’s fragrance wardrobe including mine.

For most people when they smell Pleasures, they smell pink. They smell the flowers in full bloom, in the height of their glory. On the contrary, the first time I smelled Pleasures, I smelled fresh leaves, grass, and wood. I saw green and lush vegetation, I felt as though I was transported to my own personal paradise. The truth is that, both perceptions are correct. Pleasures has this two-faced quality to it. Delicate, feminine, and soulful on one side. Adventurous ,slightly masculine, and very basic on the other. One can never be bored with this fragrance because it has a real, honest depth to it yet at the same time, it is light and uplifting and easily makes its wearer smile.

I love it because this is one fragrance that chooses its wearer, not the other way around. Only a chosen few can wear this fragrance beautifully and materialize the perfumer’s vision. As a matter of fact, my mom (who I think has good tastes and exemplary body chemistry) doesn’t like it because she says the essence doesn’t grow on her. The moment I smelled it though, I know that it’ll be a part of me for a very long time. I think the reason why I love it so much is that I understand perfectly well its complexity as much as I understand its simplicity. The complicated aspect of Pleasures lies on the fact that it is almost always a mystery. When you catch a whiff of it from up close, especially from someone that wears it well, you’ll understand what I mean. From a far, it is airy and green, with all the light elements mingling with the breeze . Up close, it is a different story—- it is milky, a bit woody, and almost like second skin. It’s literally mind blowing. The simplicity of it is that, Pleasures in its entirety reminds you of something that is very basic, very natural. For an instant, you’ll forget that it’s a bottled conconction. All you’ll experience is that blissful sensation of being alive and being one with nature, that fleeting-yet-always-wanted feeling of delight in simple things. That for me is what pleasure is all about.


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